Tuesday, November 14, 2006


WOOHOO!!!!! DONEEEEEE yeah..i was done on saturday..yay!!! noo more MBC for...3 months!! wel..anyways...since i've finished i've been doing absolutely nuthing..been hanging round home...jogging...bugging ppl hu still hav exams...sorri u guys...heehehe so all in all...a gr8 big pain in the ass..esp to my bro...anyways...yesterday i went to the gym...after soo long..and cleaned the house, bought MASS groceries, and cleaned all of the clothes...pretty proud of myself actually =D and in the time i also managed to watch three movies (all which were borrowed from DJ..hehee) they were: shanghai noon..funni as, charlies angels full throttle..so the 2nd one...and then sumhow...bosley turned black..i was like wth..anywys that was pretty cool, and last but not least..shanghai knights...heheh sad huh? yeah nah i can never get enuf of jackie chan and owen wilson in a movie seriousli they crack me up anyways...by the time that was finished i had little..chinky..TV eyes...lol anyways....prob not doin that again anytime soon..i onli got one movie left mite go watch it later it's......BAD BOYS 2!! yeah..i've pretty much seen all of these movies before but it's just nice to watch things over and over and over again...(ie friends) >.< me ="D">.<>.< and then decided wat we were gna choose for next years...unit's and me and dj sumhow ended up with exacteli the same units lol which is GR8 becoz then i'll definanli kno i'll hav a friend in all of my classes =D yeah...and it's also gd because all of us hav at least one unit similar to one another =D anyways...tonite..gna eat gr8 food at my aunts place..she cooked for us again...kinda feel bad...i havn't been cooking much lateli although i told my bro i would....anywys...gna go bum around sum more..mite watch that movie now =D
bye bye for now..

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


yeah...rite in the middle of exams atm. They are SOOOOOO GAY had two today (chem and hb) they were actualli ok..had one on mon (psyc) that was a little harder and then had a prac last thurs that was crap as HELLL i won't be surprised if i don't pass... stupid genetics.
So I've got MBC coming up on saturday..seriousli i don't kno y they put exams on saturday they just ruin ur perfectly gd weekend..although the exam on saturday is in the morning so i'll be done by noon WOOHOO soo then it's SHOPPING TIME =D man havn't gone shopping in a long time =D

i kno this is random..but today just before the hb exam i saw 20/10 guy OMGG he was soooo fine!!!! tanned skin...gorgeous deep set eyes..'chiselled features' as yang likes to put it OMGG he was soooooo cuttteee seriousli hottest guy i've seen in perth so far...wel...him and bus boy lol bus boy is just adorable!!!

Ok...now it's up to the time where we hav to choose our majors for next year...it's realli fustrating because u can't choose the wrong ones or ones u don't realli need...because we have to decide what we are going to major and choose the rite units for 2nd year and 3rd year ..tryin to get sum units where i kno i'll hav sum friends in it already... kinda can't wait till next year the unit's i reckon i gna be much much much more interesting coz this year is just basic foundations and stuff but next year we get into the nitty gritty stuff hehe can't wait...and it's gna be gd because next year can PARRRTTTTAY even more than this year (of course that's studyin my ass off at the same time....study hard play hard)

anyways gna go now...hav to hav dinner =p

till after exams.....earthlings.....

Saturday, October 28, 2006


WOOHOOO first blog!!...well....last nite...was certainly very intersting..and scary...and somewhat tiring but it was still fun!! =D

Last night we went to cel's 18th at it was gr8, but before that we went to lynna's party oh btw..her house is SOOO NICEE lol it's huge as well!! and there was sooo much nicee food!!! reminds me of CI lol like there was fried noodles..sausage roll things, alot of different jellies I esp liked the one wif the lychee mMMmmM and then there was also rice and curry and lots of other nice stuff..well i didn't realli stuff myself because later we were going to cel's dinner lol so just had like MASS jelly anywhoz...at lynna....there were soo many aunties seriousli...like chun's parents, jia's mom, this other auntie from poon saan just alot of them!! lol sum i havn't seen in a while as well...and there were also alot of ci's!! lol like...more ci's then perfies i reckon yeah so we left lynna's at round 9:30 and was on our way to cel's dinner at vic park to get there...one of the three cars had to lead... and seeing as u lai was sittin in the bomb..i had to lead.. followed by cel, then mai along karel av on the int. of parry the light turned yellow...and mai didn't make it thru...and..i tink cell....either stopped or she went realli realli slow.... lol and then after that...i got told..'DON'T GO WEN IT'S YELLOW!!' anyways the restruant was gonna close at 10 30 and we kinda made it there round 9:50 oh and wen we were walking the the restruant there was this dickhead who just said ' sluts' to minty, u lai and i... we were just like WTF!!!! and then he said 'fuckin asian' well...u kno wat!!!! ' F*** u TOO!!!' god wat an ass!! well anyways we ordered and we got the food by round 10:10 and we SUMHOW managed to finish by 10:20 HOW FAST DO WE EAT!!!!! seriousli we were all pretty much full by then so anyway we waited round for su yuan's sis to pik her up and then we headed to u lai's place to drp of cel's car and then we headed for the paramount..

I took us a while to find parking we ended up parking in the CPP where the gay club is....yeah and that same nite there was a gay and lesbian parade thing going on at metro's so there were sum ppl dressed realli....scarily.. anyways...we got to the paramount..and it took bout 30 min to get in and kah sean used mai's id and puits used kim's and we eventually got in anyways the minute we stepped in....WE ALL FELT LIKE OUTTTTCASTS!!!! lol i swear to god the whole place it filled wif GUAI's!!!!!!! OMG MANNN lol downstairs was a band and they were pretty gd we headed upstairs there was dance music and it was pretty gd!!! lol we danced for a bit.... and then after bout 30 min or so of dancing.....we seriousli seriousli felt out of place so we headed of to church...where there were 'more' of 'us'...anyways we got there and that place is sooo not wat i expected!! it's soo smal!! i was like expecting a huge place kinda like metro's ct but...it's was just like..small lol well...we danced for a bit...(althought the music wasn't my cup of tea) OMGG there was this weird asss russian dude HE WAS SOOO FREAKIN WEIRDDD he kept cumin closer to the gurls(us) and everyone kept shuffling away from him...lol sumhow in 5 min we managed to migrate around the dancefloor becoz of that stupid guy he just could not take a hint lol it's just like buzz off creep!!! anyways he finally got the msg...as slow as that was...he didn't take it very well..he started putting his rude ringer at us and it's just like...who cares dude....rejected mah rejected lor..deal with it creep..and then we saw sum of the lynnie guys. mai and winnie stayed til round 2:45 and then they went home..minty, u lai, puits, cel, kah sean and i were left and we went out of that place round 3 and then headed for the varga lounge but by then it was pretty much dead..so we headed of back to the car...6 ppl managed to squeeze into the bomb lol (4 in the back) most of us were hungry so we headed to macca's for a late nite snack this was round 3:15 and all of us bought fries hehheh except puits and kah sean...who wanted mcflurry's but their machine was broken so they ended up gettin nufin... so then we stayed in the car and talked and stuff over a fatty comsumption of fries...and then round 3:50 we decided to call it quits..and plus...cel didn't want to carry puits into her house...lol(puits was asleep by then lol) so drped off u lai, cel and puits at u lai's place and i took home coleslaw and minty.....got home by 4:10ish...brushed my teeth...and went to bed....but yeah....that was bout it GR8 SAT NITE!!! lol although i wish metro's ct was open......coz rnb music alot better to dance to....lol oh wells there's always after exams!!! WOOOOHOOOO lol can'tt wait......got an exam on thurs....>.< hb prac......shouldn't realli hav gone out at all on sat....I'M SOOO SCREWED!!
anyways....til next time....